On our website at, we use cookies to provide services and offer recommendations in line with your personal taste by identifying your areas of interest and the products in which you are interested. Our main purpose in using cookies is to offer our users personalised and customised clothing, style, fashion and trend advice and services.

What are cookies, and what are they used for?
Cookies are text files that are placed in the device you use to enter our website, which remain on your device from the moment you visit our website, throughout predetermined periods, and which are absolutely necessary for the functioning of our website, which increase the security or functionality of our website, provide statistics as to how our website is being used, or targets you individually to help us collect information to provide you with personalised advertisements and marketing.

Our main purpose in using cookies is to provide you with better quality, secure and personalised services. For instance, when you are interested in a product when browsing on our website, you can add such product to your cart to purchase it later on, and when you go to your basket later on to make the purchase, the products you have chosen will be waiting for you there. As another example, as you know, The Latest Thing is a clothing and accessories brand that is aligned with the current fashion and trends - therefore, what is important for us is to collect information as to which of these fashions and trends our users favour, and to display you the products that are in line with your personal taste. We also use cookies to share our visuals on the right or left side or top or bottom of the screen when you are browsing on other websites, in order to remind you about us, and to easily direct you to our website when you click on them.

Which cookies do we use?
1. Cookies that are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website - These are cookies that are absolutely necessary in order for our website to be visited and used by our users, and for us to be able to provide services to you. Due to the principle of absolute necessity, use of these cookies is not subject to user approval.
2. Cookies increasing the security or functionality of the website - Our fundamental principle is customer satisfaction! Therefore, the security of your device and data is always our top priority. We need this type of cookies to ensure the highest level of security. Since this is a very important need both for you and for us, and in keeping with the principle of absolute necessity, use of such cookies is not subject to user approval.
3. Cookies providing statistics as to how the website is being used - These cookies are used for anonymously collecting information for developing our website and keeping it up-to-date, keeping up with the principles of Internet commerce, and identifying user needs. During the use of these cookies, no personally identifiable data of our users are accessed. Due to anonymity, use of these cookies is not subject to user approval.
4. Cookies targeting users individually, and collecting information in order to make personalised advertisement and carry out marketing activities based on such targeting - These cookies are essential for us to be able to offer you personalised products that appeal to your personal taste! Thanks to these cookies, the data we collect about your choices regarding the styles and types of products you have looked up frequently, added to your cart and/or purchased previously are blended so that we can bring to your attention those products which we are sure are suitable for you and are to your liking, even when you are visiting other websites on your browser. Hence, this type of cookies is quite essential for us to be able to provide you with more personalised and special services, and which we can use only upon your approval.
The cookies we use as mentioned under these headings are the following:

Name of Cookie: Session Cookies
Provider: The Latest Thing
Objective: These are cookies used to check the user’s session. We use cookies for many different purposes, including, but not limited to, bringing your user experience during your visit of our website to the highest level, offering you personalised contents that are most suitable for your choices, monitoring our own performance, ensuring your security and privacy during your visit of our website, storing username and password information, storing your language preference, and presenting to you advertisements that are more suitable for you and your areas of interest.
Term: 60 Minutes

Name of Cookie: Google Analytics
Provider: Google
Objective: Google Analytics is a free analytic tool by Google, which helps website and application owners understand what visitors do on the websites and applications. A series of cookies may be used by it to collect information without identifying visitors, and to inform Google of the website use statistics. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the ‘_ga’ cookie. In addition to reporting website use statistics, Google Analytics may also be used, along with some of the advertisement cookies explained above, to help display advertisements that are more relevant to you on Google properties (such as Google Search) and across the web, and to measure the interaction relating to the advertisements we display.
Term: Unlimited

Name of Cookie: Google Tag Manager
Provider: Google
Objective: These are cookies ensuring the communication of the statistics sent over Google Analytics.
Term: Unlimited

Name of Cookie: Setrow
Provider: Setrow
Objective: These are cookies used to ensure the trouble-free operation of the marketing tools offered by Setrow.
Term: Unlimited
Cookies not provided by us are used by third-party providers with whom we work in order to offer you quality, secure and personalised services. Data processed by third-party providers consist of data that are necessary to obtain access statistics and to ensure the security of payment processes, and similar data. The Latest Thing is the data controller in connection with the use of all cookies. Therefore, you may send us, in our capacity of data controller, any of your requests in connection with cookies. If you wish you may take a look at the “Personal Data Protection Policy”!

What can you do to prevent the use of cookies?
You may always block marketing and advertisement cookies other than those that are mandatory for functionality and security purposes; but please remember that it is important for us to use these cookies in order to offer you personalised and customised services!
To block cookies, you must select the option “prevent use of cookies” in your browser settings, or another option that serves a similar purpose, and must clear your cookie history.

Cookie Check
In order to check the cookies, you may take a look at the following articles. Separate links have been provided according to the browser you use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any queries and requests at [email protected]!


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